In addition to the normal system Transmitters, Receivers, and collars, Dog Guard of SW Virginia®, offers accessories to make your system even better.


Surge Protectors

Lightning is one of the most common problems causing system failures. Surges can be DOG GUARD Surge Protector transmitted along the utility power lines and into the transmitter unit. Surges from nearby lightning strikes can also be transmitted along the boundary wire and into the transmitter unit. If the surge is large enough, damage to the transmitter unit is possible. To protect the transmitter unit, Dog Guard of SW Virginia®offers Surge Protection Units. The units plug right into the power outlet ahead of the transmitter, and the transmittter plug into the surge protector. Check our Accessories Page for more details.


Chew Protectors

Dog Guard of SW Virginia®also offers chew protectors for the collar receiver. Although most dogs ignore the collar receiver, occasionally they get damaged by chewing. Check out our newest line of chew protectors on our Accessories Page.


In addition, Dog Guard of SW Virginia's®accessories include a selection of collars, emergency power, and other items that will enhance your system. Please check out our complete accessory list for the latest information.


Accessories Photos