Installation of your Dog Guard®, Out Of Sight® fence will be done after evaluating your specific needs, and with your pets needs in mind. The installation process includes:


Assessing the property to determine the location of the signal field, and protection of specific areas, such as gardens or swimming pools. Care will be given to assure that your dog can access allowed areas without encountering the signal field.


Working with you to determine a suitable location for the transmitter. Ideally, the location will be close to the wire loop, must be near an accessible electrical outlet, and away from interfering items such as power panels, electrical piping, etc.


Installation of the wire loop will only minimally disturb your lawn and landscape. In lawn and garden areas, the wire will be buried in a slit trench. Where the wire loop crosses a paved drive, a saw cut in the pavement will carry the wire and will be sealed to prevent water ingress.


Locating the transmitter, and surge protector if installed, at a suitable power outlet. The wire loop will be installed to that location and connected to the transmitter.


This is just a brief overview of the installation process. Your installation is unique, and our experienced installers will make every effort to see that the final result exceeds your expectations. Finally, our installer will activate the collar, and provide instructions, and on-going support on training your pet to the fence. Please refer to our training guide for complete training information.