Training Your Pet


The success of your Dog Guard® fence system depends on the training you and your pet do, especially during the first 2 weeks.


Take the time to work with your pet several times a day. To be sure you are familiar with the training required, and how to solve problems that might occur, we have prepared a training guide. Click below to view the training guide, and then print it for reference as you train.


Training is the least costly part of your Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing® system, but good training will assure that you get the maximum value from your investment.


We Offer Professional Training Services


If you are unable, for any reason, to train your pet yourself, give us a call. We have a Alex with Buddy and Goldieprofessional training program available with trainers experienced in both initial training and solving any problems that arise.


Your dog may not end up jumping through hoops, but our training guide will help you get the maximum benefit from your Dog Guard®, Out of Sight Fencing®.


Dog with hoop