• Transmitters and Receivers


    Quality components are the heart of your pet containment system, and Dog Guard® offers a complete line of proven system transmitters for both indoor and outdoor applications, and receivers for every dog or cat. Whether indoors or out, our equipment is designed to stand up to the tough, everyday abuse that your pet gives it.


    For additional information, select the units that fit your design from the list below, or ask us to recommend the units perfectly suited for your application.



    • NEW!! DG Micro - For tiny pets weighing 1 to 10 pounds
    • DG 5000 - for small, timid, or passive dogs, and up to medium sized dogs
    • DG 9-XT - For medium to large dogs, and stubborn or tough to train dogs



    • RT-2 - Small, versatile wireless transmitter for indoor use
    • TS-5 - A small, low powered transmitter for small areas of 1 acre or less
    • T-4 - Standard outdoor transmitter for large areas of up to 50 acres

    Quality Components At The Heart Of Your System